fontainebleau State Park, Louisiana

If you think Alaina's dress looks similar to your grandma's curtains, its probably because it is! She MADE her own dress!! Alaina had ordered not one, but two maternity dresses, and even paid extra to express ship them just to find out that they still would not arrive in time (thanks Corona). So she went to a thrift store, found loads of this fabric, and made her own dress in less that 6 hours before her shoot. Seriously ya'll, we had this fabric pinned up on Alaina in every single way possible, and it looked fantastic.

Alaina has been a good friend of mine for years now, and I love documenting her life as it unfolds. From engagements to her wedding, and now to her first baby. Im so excited to meet baby Hand and I CANNOT wait until September !!

Congrats Alaina!!